• China's mold competitiveness(1)

    China's mold competitiveness(1)

    With the increasing competition in the market and the increasingly mature consumer psychology, the competition in the Chinese mold market will soon enter the era of brand competition. In the long-term and in-depth study of the global mold industry, Luo Baihui, secretary general of the mold associati... read more

    Aug 24,2019 Industry News
  • Car mold maintenance

    Car mold maintenance

    Maintenance of automobile molds refers to the operation and daily maintenance of the molds by the operators during production. The main contents are cleaning, lubrication and inspection. First, the maintenance of the mold Before the mold is installed, the upper and lower surfaces of the mold should ... read more

    Aug 16,2019 Industry News
  • Advantages of China's automotive molds

    Advantages of China's automotive molds

    Compared with the advanced level in foreign countries, there is a clear gap between China's automobile mold industry and foreign advanced level. Mainly in the following points: First, manufacturing precision is poor. Taking seals as an example, many people have reported that China's domestic car sea... read more

    Aug 10,2019 Industry News
  • The prospect of automotive molds

    The prospect of automotive molds

    Automotive molds are considered to be "basic process equipment for industrial production", and the mold industry is an unparalleled "efficiency amplifier". The use of mold processing products has greatly improved production efficiency, but also saves raw materials, reduces energy consumption and cos... read more

    Aug 05,2019 Industry News
  • Basic knowledge of stamping dies

    Basic knowledge of stamping dies

    Article Source: mold of awe-inspiring: the noble mold Hits: 725 Time: 2015/9/2 12:00:40 Punching: Blanking is a stamping process that uses a die to separate part of a material or process piece from another part of the material, work piece, or scrap. Blanking is a general term for separation processe... read more

    Jul 27,2019 Industry News