How plastic molds extend service life


The service life of plastic molds is closely related to […]

The service life of plastic molds is closely related to correct maintenance. In reality, there are too many cases of mold scrap due to maintenance errors. Plastic molds,
In such an accident, I can't remember how many cases, some mold development costs more than 100,000 yuan, not much product, but the mold is too frustrating, very unfortunate.
The following summarizes some of the most basic knowledge of correct maintenance of plastic molds, so that customers' injection molders can develop basic maintenance habits, and then extend the service life of the molds.
1. Before the production of the mold, you must clean up the oil and rust on the surface of the mold and check the casting. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the cooling water hole of the mold and whether there is any waterway.

2.In production, check all the guide pillars and guide bushes of the mold for damage, including the mold guide pillars, rows and other components. Regularly refuel and maintain them, and perform maintenance twice a day.

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