The correct use and precautions of plastic mold casting


In the production of plastic molds, PP polypropylene or […]

In the production of plastic molds, PP polypropylene or ABS plastic is basically used as the main raw material. In this way, the prefabricated plastic mold can accept the brute force construction of the constructor during the pouring process, and still adhere to the function of the mold not deforming. High-speed railway projects, high-speed projects, water conservancy projects and municipal projects are the main ones.

Although the prefabricated plastic mold has higher functions, but it fails to meet the storage requirements during use, the cement product mold is more likely to deform and affect the production and use of the mold. Therefore, the correct use of the plastic mold can be a useful extension The life of the mold. Products that have been injection-molded by ABS have a weaker receptive effect. Therefore, the storage of cement products and plastic molds has not been taken seriously during the pouring process, which has resulted in quality changes in the mold during use, which has caused many molds to be damaged. It cannot be used. The following examples are some points on how to reduce the need to pay attention to the application of prefabricated plastic molds:

1. The correct use of plastic mold can extend the life of plastic mold.

2. It is forbidden to store in direct sunlight.

3. It is forbidden to modify the plastic mold with the release agent, waste engine oil, wax, etc., which has not been tested, and it will cause serious damage to the toughness and strength of the mold, showing cracking and weathering.

4. It is forbidden to bring the mold to high-temperature steaming beyond 40 degrees.

5. The scale of plastic molds will shrink after repeated application of heating and cooling, and the flatness will change. It is advisable to replace the plastic mold when it fails to meet the application standards.

6. It is suggested that melamine resin type water reducing agent should be added to the concrete during use, which can reduce the life of sticky molds and extended molds.

7, in the maintenance to ensure the flatness and marginal alignment of the place to ensure the quality of the product.

8. With an oscillator with a matching oscillation frequency, deep cavity products should reduce the oscillation time. Excessive excitation force and excessive excitation will cause damage to the mold.

9. It is forbidden to hit the plastic mold box with a hammer or the like during demolding, and try to use a shaker for demoulding construction.
10. After demoulding, it is necessary to stack the moulds neatly in the room to prevent deformation.

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