Structural parts of plastic mould


1. Composition The structures of the blow mold, the cas […]

1. Composition
The structures of the blow mold, the casting mold and the thermoforming mold are relatively simple.
The structures of compression molds, injection molds and transfer molds are messy, and there are many parts that make up these molds.
The basic parts are:
① Molded parts, including concave molds, convex molds, and various molding cores, are all parts on the inner and outer surfaces or upper and lower end faces, side holes, undercuts and threads of molded products.
② Supporting and fixing parts, including mold base plate, fixing plate, supporting plate, pads, etc., for fixing the mold or supporting pressure.
③Guide parts, including guide posts and guide sleeves, are used to confirm the relative orientation of the movement of the mold or the ejection mechanism.
④ Core-pulling parts, including oblique pins, sliders, etc., are used to pull out the movable core when the mold is open to release the product.
⑤ Push out parts, including push rod, push tube, push block, push plate, push ring, push plate fixing plate, push plate, etc., to release the product from the mold. Injection molds are often implemented using standardized mold bases. This mold base is a set of basic parts that have been standardized and serialized in structure, form, and size. The mold cavity can be processed according to the shape of the product. The use of standardized mold bases is conducive to shortening the molding cycle.
2. Effects of common mold base parts
Plastic mold fixed mold seat plate (panel): Fix the front mold on the injection molding machine.
Runner plate (nozzle plate): remove the waste handle when opening the mold, and make it fall automatically (three-plate mold).
Fixed mold fixing plate (A plate): the front mold part of the molded product.
Moving mold fixing plate (B plate): the back mold part of the molded product.
Cushion: mold foot, its effect is to make the top board have a sufficient space for activity.
Push plate: When the mold is opened, the product is pushed out of the mold through ejection parts such as ejector rods, ejector blocks, and inclined ejectors.
Movable base plate (base plate): Fix the rear mold on the injection molding machine.
Guide post and guide sleeve: It plays a guiding and positioning effect, assisting the front and rear mold opening, and the mold and basic positioning.
Support post (head): improve the strength of B plate, useful to avoid deformation of B plate caused by long-term production.
Roof guide column (Zhong Tuosi): guide positioning positioning push plate to ensure smooth ejection.

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