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Yuantu Mould Co.,Ltd

‘’An automotive,home appliance and commodity
plastic mold manufacturer in China.’’

Yuantu Mould is a professional

China plastic injection mould suppliers and plastic mould manufactures

. It was established in 2009, with 133 employees, 4500m² plant areas and equipped with 22 machines for mold tooling.

We are specialized in auto parts mold, home appliance mould, commodity mould, plastic injection mould and so on. We do both OEM parts and AM parts.

The Yuan Tu Company Culture

we mainly manufacture three kinds of molds.

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Development : to do fine, specialization, and stronger;Corporate Culture: Equality, Win-Win, and gratitude


Processing Equipment

yuantu tech


We have a complete set of advanced mold processing systems and sophisticated equipment, which not on...

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The company has a strong technical force, experienced technical team, the use of the world's advance...

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Moldflow Analyse

The implementation of mold CAD, CAE, CAM, process production, in strict accordance with national and...

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  • 11-08-2020

    Some precautions for plastic molds


    First, don't just focus on product planning and ignore the production of plastic molds. When developing products or trial production of new products, some users...

  • 04-08-2020

    Do you know how to design the extrusion die


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    Where are plastic molds used in the automotive field


    The application of plastic molds in the car field The application of plastic molds in the car field is inseparable from the development of the car industry. In ...

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Yuantu manufacturing

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Yuantu manufacturing

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Yuantu manufacturing

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Yuantu manufacturing

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