Car battery box mould Suppliers

Car battery box mould

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Car battery box mould
● Mould:Auto parts mould
● Place of Origin:Huangyan, China
● Trademark:Yuantu Mould
● Mould Size:1345mm*990mm*830mm
● Number of Cavities:1
● Cycle Time:75s
● Mould Life:500,000shots
● Injection ot Runner:Hot Runner Injection System Yudo
● Mould Steel:INCORE718 CAVITYCPM40
● Mould Base:Liyuan
● Mould Components:Jinhong
● Injection Machine:Haitian 1000t
● Packing:Wooden
● Lead Time:50-75days
● After-sales Services:Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in mould operation.

Product Details

Quick Details
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:MOLDIE
Model Number:Car battery box mould
Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material:Steel
Product:Household Appliance
Mold type:Plastic injection mold

Car battery box mould

To confirm the mold structure correct and can be running smoothly after delivery to customer,

1, The mold design should be check by customer and our high grade engineer

2. We check the mold part in the machining process to ensure the structure and dimension correct,

3. After the mold finish, we should check the sample to confirm the molding part is correct according the drawings, and also make the sample inspect report,

4.and after the mold finish, we also check the mold feature(such as locating, seal of coold water line,connect block, slide,lifts and ejector pins running smoothly,

Above QC work to confirm the mold can be running smoothly after shipping to the customer factory, and every work process can be traced back If necessary.

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