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Injection Car Bumper Mould

Taizhou Huangyan Yuantu Mould Co., Ltd.

Injection Car Bumper Mould
● Mould:Auto Bumper Mould
● Place of Origin:Huangyan, China
● Trademark:Yuantu Mould
● Mould Size:1345mm*990mm*830mm
● Number of Cavities:1
● Cycle Time:75s
● Mould Life:500,000shots
● Injection ot Runner:Hot Runner Injection System Yudo
● Mould Steel:INCORE718 CAVITYCPM40
● Mould Base:Liyuan
● Mould Components:Jinhong
● Injection Machine:Haitian 1000t
● Packing:Wooden
● Lead Time:50-75days
● After-sales Services:Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in mould operation.

Product Details

Injection Car Bumper Mould

Quick Details
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material:Steel
Product:Vehicle Mould
Certificate:ISO 9001:2008
Cavity Numbe:Single or multi cavity


1) Clients offer 3D drawings and sufficient information of the moulds and plastic housing mold

2)We offer the quote of plastic enclosure mold and injection molding (plastic cover) in half a day

3) Clients consider our quotes

4) Clients place the order

5) We design and manufacture the plastic molds in leadtime after confirming the dawing and

detailed information with clients again

6)Plastic mould trial samples sent to clients to get their confirm if there is any modification before mass production

7)Arrange mass production at once and finish the production before the leadtime

8) Delivery by sea or air on time

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