• China's mold competitiveness(2)

    China's mold competitiveness(2)

    2. Organizational structure innovation Enterprise organizational innovation is realized by adjusting and optimizing the management structure of resources, such as people, finance, materials, time, information and other resources, and improving the efficiency of existing management elements. As a com... read more

    Aug 30,2019 Industry News
  • China's mold competitiveness(3)

    China's mold competitiveness(3)

    5. Realize strategic cooperation and innovation of enterprises Mold companies not only provide a variety of products and services, but also know how to combine their core competencies with other favorable competitive resources to make up for their own shortcomings and limitations. In the survival pr... read more

    Sep 06,2019 Industry News
  • The status quo of China's automobile mold industry

    The status quo of China's automobile mold industry

    China's automobile mold industry has developed rapidly and has made great progress. However, compared with the advanced level in foreign countries, there is still a clear gap. Mainly in the following points: First, the manufacturing precision is poor. Taking seals as an example, many people have rep... read more

    Sep 16,2019 Industry News
  • Classification of automotive molds

    Classification of automotive molds

    Automotive molds are one of the main products provided by our company. Automobile molds are classified according to the processing methods of the products: a. Punching and cutting die: It is done by shearing. Commonly used forms include shearing die, blanking die, punching die, trimming die, whole e... read more

    Sep 21,2019 Industry News
  • Selection skills for stamping materials

    Selection skills for stamping materials

    Stamping parts processing includes punching, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. The materials processed by stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal strip materials, such as carbon steel sheets, galvanized sheets, tin-plated sheets, copper ... read more

    Sep 30,2019 Industry News