Does plastic mold help country's construction industry?


In recent years, with the continuous advancement of dom […]

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of domestic equipment and skills, many mold companies have also chosen domestic machine tools. In the past, China's annual machine tool consumption reached about 20 billion US dollars, and accounting data flashed. Ultra-precision mirror milling machines, ultra-precision CNC lathes, etc. It has also been used in the manufacture of plastic tartar molds. When the plastic plastic tartar mold equipment is in normal operation, the usual protection of the plastic tartar mold is to clean, tighten, lubricate, adjust, and prevent corrosion. This is to be checked every day , And punctual protection, the mechanical equipment is protected and repaired several times in the regular time, with cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, collapse, and overhaul as the center content. China's plastic plastic tartar mold industry will inevitably be accompanied by common sense economic times The advent of the advent of in-depth innovation, the typification of the mold structure, the standardization of parts, and the standardized professional production and commercial supply are also inevitable trends in the future.



The profession of standard plastic tartar molds should be carried out in accordance with the guidelines and strategies formulated in the national "Twelfth Five-Year" mold development plan. That is, actively promote the production of tartar plastic molds informatization, digitization, precision, automation, and standardization, and strengthen production The combination of study, research and application promotes the advancement of innovation and development capabilities. Actively develop advanced mold standard parts and mold basic parts. In the process of implementation, it is necessary to focus on completing the requirements of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan": "break a batch of basic zero The key manufacturing skills and product skills of components have reached the international advanced level in the early 21st century."

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