China's mold competitiveness(3)


5. Realize strategic cooperation and innovation of ente […]

5. Realize strategic cooperation and innovation of enterprises
Mold companies not only provide a variety of products and services, but also know how to combine their core competencies with other favorable competitive resources to make up for their own shortcomings and limitations. In the survival principle of mold companies, “exclusive” has been replaced by “cooperation”.
Management integration innovation that cannot be ignored
How to find the survival and development of enterprises under the new situation of economic globalization, information revolution and the emergence of knowledge economy has become a common problem faced by different types of enterprises in different regions. Luo Baihui, an expert member of the Shenzhen Mould Technology Society, pointed out that relying on and implementing enterprise management integration innovation has proved to be the only way in theory and practice.
Managing integrated innovation is an important model for managing innovation. In a nutshell, it is a management innovation that is achieved through management of integrated methods or approaches, and its important feature is “integration.” This feature determines the internal integration compatibility, functional complementarity, overall optimization and non-linearity of the management integration innovation model. Management integration innovation plays an important role and significance in forming the core competence of the enterprise, improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, and realizing the rapid growth and sustainable development of the enterprise.

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