The domestic Plastic Injection Mould industry will show five major development trends


With regard to the future, the domestic Plastic Injecti […]

With regard to the future, the domestic Plastic Injection Mould industry will show five major development trends:
1. The precision of the mold is higher
With the continuous improvement of days and production levels, the requirements for product structure are also constantly increasing, which requires the same mold with higher ornamental and more precise functional planning. The traditional mold processing method is highly dependent on the operator's personal skills, the use of many and complex tools, and the processing cycle is also relatively long. Therefore, high-precision three-dimensional structured molds will become a new point of increased demand, and the development of molds in the future will be carried out in the direction of precision, three-dimensional, high efficiency and rapidity.
2. Higher service life requirements for plastic molds
Plastic mold life is an important parameter of the mold, which is related to the quality of the product and the overall cost of the product. The current service life of the mold is more than 1 million plastic cycles, and for products with higher requirements, imported steel with higher quality can be selected Production, but its data costs and processing costs also increased accordingly.

3. Shorter mold making cycle
The current market competition is fierce, and the speed of product replacement is fast. How to make products appear faster and better in front of consumers is the key to winning companies. Therefore, it is required to control the output of the product from the planning to the finished product in a very short period of time; moreover, many products are assembled from a variety of structures and data combinations, and often require plastic parts to be planned and completed efficiently in a short time. Therefore, the production cycle of the plastic mold is shortened. At this time, a higher production process and production power are required to satisfy the entire production demand.
4. The division of labor between planning and production is clearer
At present, detailed and professional plastic mold planning, production division and cooperation methods have been formed in China. The product requirements are raised by the enterprise, and then the planning plan is proposed by the planning company after 3D modeling. After the plan is determined, it is transferred to a professional mold development company for mold production. The finished mold is transferred to a plastic processing plant for product plastic production. These links are now specialized and large-scale, not limited to local, but can be completed after a professional industrial chain, the production characteristics are off-site and a more detailed division of labor.
5. The enterprise will develop into subdivisions and specializations
Plastic molds usually only need to produce one or a few sets to meet the production requirements. They are produced in a single product, but there are many parts that make up the mold. From the largest mold frame to the smallest thimble, each is essential. Accessories affect the final production quality, so the quality of each accessory must reach very high precision and quality requirements. As a result, the requirements for the subdivision and specialization of accessories have increased. As long as you focus on professionalism to complete the production of higher quality products, the various and complex industrial methods in the past will be eliminated. The talents of enterprises with products are better developed.

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