China's mold profession has continuously improved its skill level in recent years


The plastics industry has a 120-year history of develop […]

The plastics industry has a 120-year history of development. After more than a century of development, plastics have now been integrated into all aspects of human work, from machinery, electronics, cars, information, aviation, aerospace, light industry, military, Accessible in transportation, building materials, medical, biological, energy and other occupations, and 60% -80% of the parts in the above occupations rely on mold processing and molding, so molds are an important process in data molding and processing. The long history of the entire history of the plastics industry has played an insignificant role, so it is often known as the "mother of industry".
Although the plastic industry has been in development for more than a century, and China's plastic mold industry started late, luckily, as a rising star, the domestic plastic industry has shown a blowout development speed. Specifically, the development of mold planning and production skills in China has gone through the budding stage of manual workshop production, the rapid development of industrial production and the stage of plastic injection mould competition and the stage of brand competition of modern production.
Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of China's car industry, electronic information, home appliances, building materials and machinery occupations, the mold occupation has been completed rapidly.
At present, China's total mold production is already at the forefront of the world, and there are many mold production enterprises. However, the overall production level of mold planning still lags behind advanced countries such as Germany and the United States.
The specific performance is as follows: molds with low skill content have been oversupplied, while middle and advanced molds with high skill content are still far from satisfying the needs of the national economy, such as precision,
Complex stamping dies and plastic dies, car cover dies, electronic connectors and other electronic product dies and other advanced dies still have a large portion of demand for imports.
In order to get used to the new situation and meet the challenges of high-end molds in the world, China's mold profession has continuously improved its skills in recent years. Many enterprises have applied CAD / CAE / CAM integration skills, 3D planning skills, ERP and IM3 information management skills, as well as many high-tech skills such as high-speed machining, rapid prototyping, virtual simulation, robot skills, intelligent production and network skills. The number of enterprises with various quality system certifications has gradually increased.

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