The difference between plastic mold and metal mold


"Mold" is a collective term for "fans" that produce par […]

"Mold" is a collective term for "fans" that produce parts or semi-finished products.
Molds for producing hardware (parts), commonly known as "hardware molds";
The molds for producing plastic products are commonly known as "plastic molds".
In view of the different properties of plastic products and metal products in production and use, plastic molds cannot be used for metal processing.
In the modern processing industry, in batches or even small batches, in order to ensure product quality and output power, there are often procedures in the process configuration to use molds.
Among the common industrial occupations, the occupations using molds are: casting, casting, stamping, heat treatment (referred to as pressing tools in the heat treatment profession), plastic forming, machining (machined occupations are called masters), powder metallurgy, etc.
The molding of plastic products during this period belongs to the profession of plastic processing;
The production of hardware products can be divided into the occupations listed above.
The purpose of using plastic molds and metal molds is to produce products. Therefore, their structural and functional characteristics are mainly determined by the products produced.
The design of plastic molds is often based on the characteristics of low melting point of plastics. Compared with common metal molds, heating (local heating), cooling (local cooling), cavity pressure, rapid pressure relief, and data leakage alarm are added.
Therefore, clever ideas and complex processing are often the characteristics of plastic molds.

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