China's mold competitiveness(1)


With the increasing competition in the market and the i […]

With the increasing competition in the market and the increasingly mature consumer psychology, the competition in the Chinese mold market will soon enter the era of brand competition. In the long-term and in-depth study of the global mold industry, Luo Baihui, secretary general of the mold association and industry critic, found that under the increasingly globalized development trend of the economy, the profitability of mold makers has a higher correlation with the sales of premium brands. Having a strong brand is the key to the long-term success of the manufacturer. How to achieve independent innovation and form a national brand with independent intellectual property rights on the basis of digesting and absorbing imported technology has become a key factor for enterprises to improve their core competitiveness and win the future market. .
1. Integration of business concepts
From shifting production to focusing on technology development and marketing management. The transition from the traditional production management to the asset management is an inevitable requirement for the management of enterprise intensification in the new situation. At present, the essence of enterprise production and operation is the operation of assets. Enterprise management is no longer just an internal matter of the enterprise. It is no longer just a matter of focusing on one aspect of production. It is a process that integrates production management, market development, technology research and development, and asset management. Enterprises must engage in a series of complexities. , planning, organizing, controlling, and motivating things.
Luo Baihui pointed out that enterprise management judges the situation and ensures the preservation and appreciation of capital by effectively integrating various production factors. This means adhering to the market orientation, coping with fierce competition, accelerating management innovation, shifting the management focus to the level of capital management, and realizing the transformation of enterprises from production to capital management.
Luo Baihui believes that China's corporate management philosophy is influenced by the planned economy era, lacks a clear business management philosophy, lacks modern management awareness, and lacks the autonomy of technological innovation. Therefore, there is a big change in the business philosophy. The direct and effective way is to promote enterprise management innovation through innovative corporate culture. The innovation of corporate culture mainly includes thinking innovation, technological innovation, strategic innovation, institutional innovation, and mechanism innovation.

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