The development of mold hardware industry presents a major trend


According to experts, the comparative advantages of Chi […]

According to experts, the comparative advantages of China's national molds in the international mold market still exist, and the domestic mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic, and the mold hardware industry is showing a general trend. Among them, mold hardware is becoming larger and larger.
First of all, this is due to high production efficiency requirements. In order to improve production efficiency, the "one-mold multi-cavity" technology is waiting for more and more widespread applications. Obviously, the same injection molding process can produce multiple products at the same time, and the production efficiency will naturally double. The other reason is that parts and components are becoming larger, which directly leads to the need for larger molds.

With the increasing size of molds and parts, we are all troubled by how to meet the increasingly high surface accuracy requirements of large molds and parts? How to extend the service life of these large molds and parts while taking into account wear resistance , Anti-corrosion, high hardness, etc. comprehensive requirements?
To solve these problems caused by the increasing size of molds and parts, in fact, we must pay attention to the design and materials from the beginning. However, many people ignore the last process in the manufacturing of these large molds and parts-surface treatment. In fact, in the surface treatment process, if you can choose a qualified electroplating service provider and choose the correct electroplating type, then the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high hardness of large molds and parts can easily be satisfied. .

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