Requirements for machine tools and cutting tools in automobile stamping die manufacturing


1. Requirements for machine tool equipment The requirem […]

1. Requirements for machine tool equipment
The requirements of automobile stamping die manufacturing for equipment are mainly reflected in stability and reliability.
Mold manufacturing companies have great expectations for the equipment they have spent huge sums of money on, which requires efforts from all parties to achieve their predetermined goals and achieve win-win and harmony. It is even better if the equipment manufacturer can regularly return visits to users and door-to-door services, or even carry out some overhaul services and transformations.
2. Requirements for tools
The requirements for tools are as follows:

①Quality. Quality is the prerequisite, and the requirements for quality are endless. The total service life and the one-time sharpening service life are its measurement indicators.

②Price. The more competitive the field, the greater the role of price. Cost-effectiveness is its measure.

③R&D capabilities. The ability to launch new products includes at least two aspects: First, the ability to respond to customer needs. Users are afraid that tool suppliers will ignore their needs. For example, suppliers of products that customers don’t need yet strongly recommend products that customers need, but the products they need are delayed I provide a solution, this is confusing. But now this aspect has been greatly improved. We see some mature and targeted solutions; the second is the design and manufacturing capabilities of new products, which is a test of the supplier's technical and manufacturing capabilities.
Of course, not all customer requirements are reasonable or feasible, but suppliers (including ourselves as suppliers of others) do have an obligation to carefully analyze customer needs and provide customers with professional solutions based on current technical levels. Therefore, the ability to provide customers with professional or targeted technical solutions based on the current technical level has become a very important and realistic aspect of testing the R&D capabilities of suppliers.

④ Delivery date. At present, reducing inventory has become a problem that all fully competitive industries must face, so the shorter the lead time is particularly important. Establishing a reasonable inventory close to the customer becomes a realistic solution, and the closer it is, the faster. Tool suppliers are no exception.

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