Mold roughing and finishing separately


The processing equipment of automobile mold enterprises […]

The processing equipment of automobile mold enterprises generally has many types and high precision, and most of them are large-scale equipment. Commonly used equipments include CNC milling machines with three axes or more, grinding presses, test presses, five-axis CNC laser cutting machines, and three-coordinate measuring machines. Some of these equipment are used for roughing and some for finishing.
The method of separate coarse and fine processing can effectively adjust the production organization and processing flow of the mold enterprise, alleviate the investment pressure of the enterprise and reduce the development cost of the mold. Usually, four machining machines for roughing and one machine for finishing are combined to form a machining unit, so that the steps of roughing and finishing can be achieved.
Automotive mold standardization design and manufacturing
The standardization design and manufacture of automobile molds can realize the standardization, serialization and standardization of the mold structure, and fundamentally solve the problems of unstable mold quality, lack of interchangeability and unguaranteed normal use caused by non-specialized production. The mold standard parts include various standard models of small and medium mold formwork, punching device, guiding device, limit device, positioning device, pressure unloading device, wedge side punching device, pneumatic device and nitrogen gas spring, spring return device and so on.
Standardization of mold design requires the establishment of a complete database of mold design standards, including standard parts for individual parts, standard parts with assembly structure, mold frame structure data, and typical mold structure data for technicians to call.
The refinement processing is embodied in the straight processing of the gap between the upper and lower mold edges, the punching convex and concave molds are tightly matched, and the high smoothness of the model surface is not covered. It can make the processing as soon as possible, thus reducing the training process of the mold, and reducing the dependence of the mold quality on the fitter skills, is the management direction of modern mold production.

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