How to maintain the metal stamping die?


Many people do not pay attention to maintenance when us […]

Many people do not pay attention to maintenance when using metal stamping dies. In fact, this idea is incorrect. Why do you say that? We must pay attention to the maintenance of metal stamping dies, so that we can better use metal stamping dies and prolong the service life of metal stamping dies. Here is how to maintain metal stamping dies.

Maintenance method of metal stamping die:

1. During the use of metal stamping dies, punch breakage, twists, and gnawing will occur. Punch sleeves are usually gnawed, and the damage of punch and sleeve is generally replaced with the same standard parts.

2. The pressing parts in the metal stamping die, such as pressing plates, Uniglue, etc.; unloading parts such as stripping plates, pneumatic ejectors, etc. During maintenance and maintenance, check whether the parts and accessories are damaged. If there is damage, make corrections in time. Check whether there is air leakage in the pneumatic jacking material, and adopt measures for detailed conditions. If the trachea is damaged, it can be replaced.

3. Springs and other elastic parts in metal stamping dies are most vulnerable to damage during use, usually showing cracking and deformation; maintenance methods can be replaced, but in the process of replacement, you must pay attention to the standard and type of springs. The standard and type of the product go through three major items: color, outer diameter and length, and can be replaced only when the three items are the same.

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