Downstream application market drives mold development


According to different application fields, mold product […]

According to different application fields, mold products can be divided into automotive molds, IT molds, home appliance molds, OA equipment molds, medical equipment molds and metal molds.
Among them, automobile molds are known as "the mother of the automobile industry", because more than 90% of the parts in automobile production rely on mold forming, and the average mold consumption per 10,000 cars is 0.12 tons. In the developed countries of the automobile manufacturing industry such as the United States and Japan, more than 40% of the mold industry's products are automobile molds, and about one-third of China's mold products are for the automobile manufacturing industry.
In recent years, along with the prosperity of China's automobile industry, the demand for automotive mold market has been rapidly released, and the scale has continued to grow. The data shows that the new demand for automotive molds in China has increased from 221 tons in 2011 to 348 tons in 2017, and the market size has increased from 54.7 billion yuan in 2011 to 88.8 billion yuan in 2017.
IT molds involve many products, including computer peripheral molds, office equipment/consumer molds, multimedia digital product molds, optoelectronic communication product molds, network product molds, and semiconductor molds. Compared with other mold products, IT mold products have the characteristics of time urgency, product uniqueness and close integration with IT technology.
As an important basic equipment for the information industry, IT molds have developed rapidly and have become an indispensable tool for mass production and new product development. According to the driving effect of the mold industry 1:100, the sales revenue of China's IT molds in 2017 was about 142 billion yuan. It is estimated that the sales revenue of China's IT molds will reach 155 billion yuan in 2018.
Home appliance molds are mainly used in the manufacture of home appliance parts. One refrigerator requires about 350 sets of molds, one air conditioner needs 20 pairs of plastic molds, and one color TV requires about 140 sets of molds. According to this calculation, in 2017, the demand for molds in China's refrigerators reached 24.28 billion pairs, the demand for air conditioners for molds reached 2.89 billion pairs, and the demand for color TVs for molds was 19.3 billion pairs.
The OA equipment mold market follows the development of the OA equipment market. OA equipment is generally composed of plastic parts, hardware and chips. The plastic products mainly include appearance parts and structural parts. The molding method is generally injection molding using plastic injection molds. The data shows that in 2017, the market size of plastic molds for OA equipment is about 3.6 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 4 billion yuan in 2018.
Medical device molds are used in almost all medical device parts, ranging from hyperbaric oxygen chambers to hearing aids and cardiac pacemakers. Moreover, medical device molds occupy an important position in the medical device industry due to the precise requirements for the production of medical device parts. According to the driving effect of the mold industry 1:100, the market size of medical device molds in 2017 was about 2.384 billion yuan.
The metal mold is used in industrial production, using various presses and special tools mounted on the press to produce metal parts into parts of the desired shape by pressure. This special tool is collectively referred to as a metal mold. In recent years, China's hardware molds have grown at an average rate of more than 15%, more than double the average domestic GDP. This is mainly due to the development of China's automobile, home appliance, IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities and other large mold user industries.

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