Analysis of the current status of China's automotive mold industry in 2018


The technology research and development of China's auto […]

The technology research and development of China's automobile mold industry has been continuously strengthened, and the proportion of invention patents has increased significantly. However, compared with foreign companies, the development of auto parts mold technology with high difficulty technology is still a shortcoming in China, and the future will be a key breakthrough in the technological upgrading of the industry.
The trend of international technology transfer is obvious, and the difficult tooling technology of China is still behind.
Automobile molds are mainly divided into three categories: cover parts (so-called body molds), structural parts, and parts and molds. Among them, the cover mold has high precision and long life requirements due to the large-surface stamping and forming, and the technical difficulty is relatively large: the general requirement is ±0.02mm, the mold life is 50-100 million times, and the functional dimension deviation of the stamping part is controlled. Within ±0.15mm, the stamping parts overlap tolerance is less than 0.5mm; the structural parts molds mostly use injection molding technology, the technical difficulty is small, a large number of Chinese enterprises get together here; and the parts such as gears are mostly precision forging technology, Relatively high technical barriers, domestic typical enterprises have precision forging technology, but compared with foreign companies, China's auto parts mold technology is still very backward. On the whole, automobile mold technology in developed countries such as Europe and the United States is constantly shifting to China with the transfer of production capacity. China is still a catcher in the high-end technology field.
Patent application growth rate dropped, and the proportion of invention patents increased significantly
Since 2010, the number of automotive mold patent applications in China has reached 2,698, and there is an overall growth trend. In 2017, the number of patent applications for the whole year was 572, a year-on-year increase of 55.86%, and the growth rate reached a record high. However, the number of patent applications in the automotive mold industry declined in 2018. As of December 12, 2018, only 190 patents were filed, much lower than the same period last year.
From the perspective of patent disclosure, contrary to the patent application, the number of automotive mold patents in 2018 has increased dramatically, reaching 644, a record high.
In addition, from the perspective of the type of patent application, utility model patents have always occupied a large proportion of patents in the automotive mold industry. In 2017, the number of utility model patent applications accounted for 72.55%, accounting for a record. However, the proportion of invention patents in 2018 has been significantly improved, increasing to 48.95%, and the utility model patents each occupy half of the patents of the automotive mold industry. It can be seen that the more original technology research and development and innovation of automotive molds are being paid attention to, which will help promote the breakthrough development of the automotive mold industry.
The technology concentration is low, and the sky steam model is relatively leading.
From the perspective of patent applicants, among the top ten patent applicants, Tianjin Auto Mould Co., Ltd. applied for 221, ranking first; Ningbo Fangzheng Automotive Mould Co., Ltd., Shanghai Saikeli Automotive Mould Technology Application Co., Ltd. Qingdao Huatao Auto Mould Co., Ltd. has more than 100 patent applications, which is relatively leading. However, the technology in the industry is relatively scattered. If the number of patents based on 2,698 patents from 2010 to the present is calculated, the technology share of Tianqi Mould is less than 10%, and the top 4 enterprises in the number of patents have a total technology share of less than 25%. The technology that is owned is more dispersed.
Specifically, among the top ten companies in the number of technical patent applications, technology research and development mainly focuses on the development and manufacture of automotive panels and automotive interior and exterior decorative molds. Among them, 5 and 4 companies respectively focus on automotive panels and automotive decorative molds, while other companies' technology research and development directions are relatively scattered. This also reflects that the current research and development of automotive molds in China is mainly concentrated in areas with relatively low technical difficulty such as automobile covers and structural parts, and insufficient research and development in areas with high technical difficulty such as auto parts and precision molds.

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