Advantages of China's automotive molds


Compared with the advanced level in foreign countries, […]

Compared with the advanced level in foreign countries, there is a clear gap between China's automobile mold industry and foreign advanced level. Mainly in the following points: First, manufacturing precision is poor. Taking seals as an example, many people have reported that China's domestic car sealing performance is not good.
(1) The production and production process of automobiles has been greatly developed. Through the modeling, CAE finite element analysis and die stamping process, the stamping process shortens the manufacturing and trial cycle of the mold and reduces the cost.
(2) In recent years, the rapid development of China's auto industry, the demand for molds has soared, and the number of mold companies serving automotive molds has increased dramatically. The automobile mold enterprise in the automotive industry, the technical strength, equipment preparation and production capacity are mainly based on the large-scale molds of automobile body parts. With their own superiority, they concentrate on solving the molds of large-sized cover parts such as body structure parts. For some small and medium-sized parts, the molds have not been more invested, and can only be turned to the society, so that many mold companies can produce small and medium-sized automobile molds for them.

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